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3 October 2023
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What to do when you hate your new job?

You managed to make it through multiple interview rounds, successfully negotiated your salary, have signed on the dotted line and yet somehow, you hate your new job and don’t know what to do. For starters, take comfort in the fact that regretting your decision isn’t a reflection on your professionalism or commitment issues (or lack thereof).

In fact, “Shift Shock” or new hire’s remorse is a common workplace phenomenon and 72% of new hires have experienced that sinking feeling of starting a new job and realising almost immediately that the reality is a lot different to what you were promised on paper.

Next steps

So what should you do once you’ve come to the realisation that your new job isn’t the right fit?

For starters, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Could the main areas of contention be resolved as time passes and you become more familiar with how your team or manager works?

Is there scope for you to take more ownership of your day to day so you can craft the job you really want to do? Could you start going into the office more often to form a better bond with your team or make the onboarding process easier?

Sometimes, teething problems can seem monumental at first, but some small tweaks to your ways of working can smooth things over.

No going back

However, if you feel like you’ve tried everything to make your work life better, looking for a new opportunity might be the best course of action.

And while you might think you have to put in a solid year, the vast majority (80%) of workers now think it’s acceptable to leave a new job within six months if it isn’t working, or the role isn’t a good match with your skills and experience.

Just make sure you are completely transparent on your CV instead of creating an unexplained gap instead of disclosing a short tenure.

According to a separate study, 49% of employers believe that candidates should be ‘prepared to explain’ any kind of career break to prospective employers.

Instead, when asked about why you walked away from a job less than one year into it, explain that your skills and experience weren’t compatible or that the company’s values didn’t align with your own and you didn’t research this sufficiently before accepting the job offer.

According to Glassdoor, 83% of job seekers in the UK research company reviews and ratings before deciding where to apply for a job.

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