Station F will welcome the twelfth edition of B2B Rocks, the largest SaaS event in continental Europe, from the 25th to the 26th of September. Over the course of two days, keynotes, panel discussions, masterclasses, and workshops will take place, offering targeted networking and valuable takeaways. "We are not here to inspire for the next ten years," confirms Colin Lalouette, organizer of B2B Rocks and CEO of Appvizer. "We are really here to ensure that people leave with actionable intelligence, with concrete ideas that they can apply to their business."

This year's event is part of an ambitious initiative called Paris SaaS Week, which will offer events throughout the week thanks to a galaxy and further establish this dynamic ecosystem on the global stage. “In 2024, we're expecting 50% of attendees coming from outside of France, That applies to speakers as well, who are coming from the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, China, etc.”

B2B Rocks: the right event at the right time

Founded in 2013 by Alex Delivet (an entrepreneur now leading a SaaS solution named Collect, formerly with eFounders, and former editor of Startup Digest France), B2B Rocks is now in its third phase. After an initial period led by its founder, the event was acquired by Axeleo in 2018, who continued its programming for several years before selling it to Appvizer in 2021.

"We had been partners of the event for several years," recounts Colin Lalouette, CEO of Appvizer. "There was no better event to find our clients and do business. So when Axeleo proposed that we buy the brand, it made a lot of sense for us." Indeed, B2B Rocks' mission was not that far removed from Appvizer's, a media platform launched in 2015, initially as a software comparison tool to help businesses make the right choices when adopting tools.

"I think this is what differentiates B2B Rocks today," he announces. "The editorial quality we aim to establish with actionable content, and speakers who are real rock stars coming from all over the world, from China, the United States, Germany, and Portugal."

For over ten years, B2B Rocks has played the role of a privileged observer of the SaaS ecosystem, witnessing its evolution from edition to edition until today, when software as a service is more important than ever. "We see it clearly year after year, the percentage of SaaS software sales is taking up more and more space," highlights Colin Lalouette. "It will surpass 50%!"

Paris SaaS week shines a light on the ecosystem

During B2B Rocks, over 3,000 leaders from the SaaS scene will gather for two days at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus. Xavier Niel’s creation was built to help startups grow, create a community of entrepreneurs and give them support to reach unicorn status and includes notable alumni such as Hugging Face.

"This is a way for us to let the community take control of a number of topics... because SaaS is a true ecosystem subject that goes beyond us and the issues we will address at B2B Rocks."

Get involved with the World Pitch Contest

Alongside the curated sessions, B2B Rocks is running a pitch competition to find and back the next Mistral AI.

Startups under 5 years and $5M ARR can apply to be one of the 10 finalists who will pitch to a jury of investors and entrepreneurs during B2B Rocks… and win a package worth $20K! Apply now.

Maddyness is a media partner of the B2B Rocks event.