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Meet Onedash, the platform democratising cybersecurity
As part of our quick founder questions series - or QFQs - we spoke to Luís Pereira, CEO & Founder of Onedash, about cybersecurity, SMEs security, resilience and adaptability.
Portfolio by " Luís Pereira
Luis Pereira
Investing in Italian Innovation: Vento celebrates its second anniversary
Vento, the Italian chapter of Exor Ventures, celebrates its second anniversary, marking a period of significant impact and success within the Italian startup ecosystem.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Diyala D'Aveni
AI Alliance: Dataiku and PwC bring practical AI solutions to regulated industries
Dataiku and PwC announced a strategic alliance to enhance data and AI decision-making within regulated industries.
" Paul Ferretti
Patrice Morot and Florian Douetteau
Meet Venture Planner, the platform turning your ambition into a business plan
As part of our quick founder questions series - or QFQs - we spoke to Alex Clansey and Nicola McKenzie, Co-Founders of Venture Planner, about AI, entrepreneurial vison and strategy.
Portfolio by " Alex Clansey and Nicola McKenzie
Alex Clansey and Nicola McKenzie
Making an impression: How packaging can signpost sustainability
90% of executives agree that sustainability is key to unlocking business success, playing an important role in engaging investors through strengthening ESG credentials, according to the World Economic Forum.
Opinion by " David MacDonald
On top of the hill: Entrepreneur First opens San Francisco office
Entrepreneur First (EF), the world’s first “Talent Investor”, has launched a new office in South Park, San Francisco to connect the world’s best founder talent with the world’s best funding ecosystem.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford
How data management helps to structure your business – best approaches
The data control strategy should have a robust data quality management framework. Ihor Sheyko, Managing Partner of Digicode, insists that organised data is a critical component of this framework, representing a basis for in-depth analysis of data patterns and anomalies to identify potential problems. The advanced data management processes are a prerequisite for structuring all business assets.
Opinion by " Ihor Sheyko
Ihor Sheyko
Meet Nuke From Orbit, because protecting your data has never been more important
As part of our quick founder questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to James O'Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Nuke From Orbit, about cybersecurity, digital identity, and the importance of feedback.
Portfolio by " James O’Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
The dam blocking the river: Indeed introduces new AI-powered solution to make hiring process faster
3 in 4 UK businesses feel hiring has become harder in the past five years, according to new data from global job matching and hiring platform, Indeed.
News by " Paul Ferretti
raj mukherjee
Meet Urban, the app bringing a human touch to city life
As part of our quick founder questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Charmain Manning, CEO of Urban, about spa and clinic treatments, geographical expansion and training opportunities
Portfolio by " Charmain Manning
How to choose the right legal structure for your business
Choosing the right legal structure is a fundamental decision for any aspiring entrepreneur in the UK. It shapes how you run your business, manage finances, and interact with authorities.
Opinion by " John Carpenter
John Carpenter
Science Superpower: The Oxford Science Park expands and appoints DTRE as joint agents
The Oxford Science Park (TOSP), one of the world’s leading powerhouses for science and technology companies, has instructed DTRE as joint agents.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Matt Smith and Rory Maw
Mental health and young people in the workplace: happy, productive and thriving
It’s fantastic that more people than ever are talking about mental health, but I am concerned about sweeping generalisations about the reasons for increased diagnosis of mental health conditions and how people are now being vocal when they experience poor mental health.
Opinion by " Sandi Wassmer
Meet Honu, the startup reimagining how companies operate
As part of our quick founder questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Imad Riachi, Founder and CEO of Honu, about business creation, AI's power and the ‘disagree and commit’ culture.
Portfolio by " Imad Riachi
Imad Riachi

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