Google is reportedly building an Amazon Echo rival


Google executives have seen and heard all the positive buzz around Amazon's Echo speaker, and now the company is said to be preparing a similar product for the home. The Information is reporting on a "secret Google project to create a competitor to Amazon's echo," though the story offers no details on the product's features, nor potential pricing or any release timeframe. The nugget is part of a report that details a "stalled" and struggling Nest, the company that Google acquired in 2014.

Source : The Verge

A 3-D Printed Dress That’s Almost Practical Enough to Wear

3D dress

A LITTLE MORE than a year ago, a design and technology studio in Boston called Nervous System made an entirely new kind of dress. The garment, a flowing black number with lacy cutouts, was assembled from hundreds of plastic triangles that moved like fabric. Making plastic shift and sway like cotton was crazy enough, but the real mind bender was that the dress emerged from a 3-D printer as a ready-to-wear piece you simply slipped on and buttoned up.

Source : The Wired

Tay, une IA lancée par Microsoft sur Twitter puis retirée pour aliénation mentale


Microsoft avait lancé hier un bot de conversation sur Twitter. Nommée Tay, cette petite intelligence artificielle devait apprendre rapidement des discussions et devenir capable de réagir. Malheureusement, les internautes lui ont surtout appris à lui dire des horreurs, provoquant son rappel en laboratoire.

How to Fundraise Without Losing Any Friends

Pink piggy banks on yellow background (Digital Composite)

Because your charitable efforts shouldn’t come at the expense of your relationships

Source : Motto