Chaque vendredi, dans sa revue de presse, Maddyness vous propose une sélection d’articles qui ont retenu l’attention de la rédaction. Cette semaine, zoom sur la blockchain, sur le premier investissement de la fondation de Zuckerberg et sur la bulle FinTech.

How blockchain technology can prevent the next financial crisis, disrupt Uber, and give us control of our data


You’ve probably heard about “the blockchain” recently. A lot. The technology underpinning bitcoin has attracted billions in venture capital funding, the interest of almost every global bank, and the attention of governments around the world. Essentially a digital distributed ledger that anyone on the internet can access, the system has the ability to keep information secure, create a permanent record of transactions to avoid fraud, and instantly transfer assets. But for all the talk, it’s simply not that useful yet. For now, the technology is stuck in the back offices of financial firms, an area that the average person doesn’t care about or really benefit from.

Source: Quartz

Boom, bubble or bust for fintech?


The term “fintech” has become all the rage; investors and media can’t stop talking about it. Many people also have been talking about the “bubble” in the tech industry, but could there be a “bubble” in fintech, as well?

Source : TechCrunch

Quelles compétences pour inventer les objets connectés de demain ?


Pour Franck Crison, Ingénieur de recherche de l’école d’ingénieurs du monde numérique ESIEA, pas besoin de nouvelles compétences mais de beaucoup de polyvalence pour accomapgner l'essor du secteur des objets connectés.

Source : Usine Digitale

Zuckerberg’s charitable venture makes its first investment in a startup


Celebrating their newborn daughter last December, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledged 99 percent of their Facebook shares over their lifetimes to charity. Currently, they’re valued at $48 billion. The couple founded The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to aid in that effort, and it’s now made its first investment. It’s leading a $24 million funding round for Andela, a New York-based startup that works with communities in Nigeria and Kenya to train software developers and connects them to companies that require their talent.

Source : TheNextWeb

How Tech Can Become A Tool For Social Change


At the annual Northside Festival in Brooklyn this past weekend, thought-leaders and participants explored how technology is being leveraged for social change, and the opportunities for technology to move the world forward for all layers of society. It is apparent that technology has already made waves in the ways in which products and services are created, distributed and accessed. Now the conversation has expanded to include social innovation around new technology.

Source : PSFK