Chaque vendredi, dans sa revue de presse, Maddyness vous propose une sélection d’articles qui ont retenu l’attention de la rédaction. Cette semaine, zoom sur les villes les plus propices à l'entrepreneuriat féminin et sur le Brexit vu à travers le prisme de Bitcoin.

What cities are best for women entrepreneurs? We’ve got the list


I had the privilege of speaking at the White House’s Global Entrepreneur Summit at Stanford University this week. More than 500 entrepreneurs from around the world filled the auditorium. With so much negativity in the news these days, they reminded me that there is still cause for great optimism. On stage I revealed the results of our latest research on the state of women entrepreneurs. Female founders face some unique challenges when it comes to starting and growing their businesses. And it’s true in varying degrees wherever they are in the world.

Source : Linkedin Pulse / Karen Quintos

Bitcoin surges past $650 as Brexit result sends UK Pound tumbling to 30-year low


The global finance markets are slipping on Friday after the UK public voted to leave the EU, but there is one currency that is reveling in the uncertainty of the Brexit result: bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is notoriously difficult to predict. Its price against the U.S. Dollar rose as high as $1,000 in 2013 and, while it has stabilized somewhat since that landmark valuation, it hit a two-and-a-half year high of nearly $775 on June 17 before cratering nearly 25 percent over the next week.

Source : TechCrunch

Taxis, VTC : Uber, le grand gagnant de la loi Grandguillaume ?


Ce serait un peu l'arroseur arrosé. A y regarder de près, la proposition de loi Grandguillaume, montrée du doigt par les plateformes de VTC pourrait en effet désavantager les PME françaises du secteur du transport à la demande (taxis, VTC, Loti), au profit du géant américain fondé par Travis Kalanick. Explications.

Source : La Tribune

500 Startups debuts $25 million microfund focused on Black and Latino founders


This microfund will focus on founders in the U.S. and will used to invest in around 100 companies. The goal is to provide the capital, network, and expertise Black and Latino founders need to grow their business. 500 Startups has tapped venture partner and Black Founders cofounder Monique Woodard to oversee the program.

Source : VentureBeat

Why Silicon Valley is embracing universal basic income


Silicon Valley has, paradoxically, become one of the most vocal proponents of universal basic income (UBI). Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, web guru Tim O’Reilly and a cadre of other Silicon Valley denizens have expressed support for the “social vaccine of the 21st century”, and influential incubator Y Combinatorannounced on 31 May that it will be conducting its own basic income experiment with a pilot study of 100 families in Oakland, California – a short hop over the San Francisco bay.

Source : The Guardian