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Pour Toi, Employé(e) Startup



Tu es ou tu vas devenir l’employé d’une startup. Hier on a parlé d’argent avec les Lion(esse)s chez TheFamily. Enfin surtout que ça viendrait comme la conséquence de leur réussite et non l’inverse, qu’il faut faire abstraction de ce que l’expérience apporte d’ingrat pour rester concentrer sur le karma. Les belles choses mettent souvent du temps à se construire. Ne te laisse pas distraire par les légendes urbaines de Startup Lalaland. Lire la suite sur la page Medium de Kima Ventures

Uber Founder Resigns From Trump Council. Read His Full Text Explanation.


Today, Uber founder Travis Kalanick announced his resignation from Donald Trump’s Strategic & Policy Forum. He was one of several high-profile names chosen for the 16-member group, including Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo and Elon Musk. Both Musk and Kalanick have received criticism for their participation in the forum. However, backlash against Uber reached a fever pitch this weekend after the signing of an executive order impacting immigrants and refugees. Lire la suite sur

Quand Facebook et Zuckerberg draguent la Chine... sans succès


Le réseau social y est interdit depuis 2009. Les opérations séduction du patron du réseau social demeurent sans effet pour le moment. Tim Cook et Apple ne sont pas les seuls à monter des opérations séduction pour conquérir les autorités chinoises. Depuis plusieurs années, Mark Zuckerberg tentent aussi de les séduire en vue d'y amorcer le retour de Facebook, qui y est interdit depuis 2009 et les émeutes au Xinjiang. Lire la suite sur Les Échos

Technology entrepreneurship and the disruption of ambition


There has been a great deal of analysis of how technology will disrupt life in the coming decades. Little of this, though, has looked at how technology is changing one of the most powerful forces in shaping society: ambition. What the most ambitious people choose to do with their lives has a profound impact on society, the economy and culture. It’s changing, fast. At Entrepreneur First, we believe that building technology startups will become the ‘default’ career path for the world’s most ambitious people. Lire la suite sur la page Medium d'Entrepreneur First

3 Red Flags That You Can't Afford To Ignore When Working With Investors

Portrait of shocked young woman wearing grey jumper, raising her arms and shouting at camera, rolling eyes. Studio shot, white background.

Raising capital is one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur. It is often a delicate dance where both parties must determine if they can be the closest of partners over the life of the business. It’s stressful for both sides, but entrepreneurs face a unique pressure. The relationship between company and investor is rarely symmetrical. Investors hold the key to the life-giving capital that young companies need to reach their potential, leaving most entrepreneurs with little to no leverage in the process. Lire la suite sur Forbes