Chaque vendredi, dans sa revue de presse, Maddyness vous propose une sélection d’articles qui ont retenu l’attention de la rédaction. 

The Real Ambitious Risk-Takers in Entrepreneurship Aren't Who You Think They Are

How are older entrepreneurs different from their younger counterparts, or even from their younger selves? We interviewed more than 30 entrepreneurs in a variety of industries who started companies between the ages of 50 and 70 to find out. Lire la suite sur

La réalité virtuelle se met au service des thérapies mentales

Les lunettes de réalité virtuelle ne sont plus seulement destinées aux jeux vidéo : des entreprises du numérique travaillent à en faire des outils de thérapie mentale, pour traiter phobies, anxiété ou addictions. Lire la suite sur Sciences et Avenir

Digital Success Is Not Automatic, But A Long Journey, Study Shows

There are plenty of studies that show a correlation between digital technology implementations and corporate growth. But one study suggests such growth isn't automatic by any means -- organizations may actually see an initial dip in earnings, and then really have to work at their digital transformation to make it deliver. Lire la suite sur Forbes

Women in Tech : a message for men

On March 8th 2017 it will be a year since I started working in my current job, in a renowned Agile software company. It’s been a year of intense pursuit of Agile, Lean, product management, user-centered design application and focus. It’s also International Women’s Day. Being immersed in the technology market for the last 11 years, I know there’s still a lot to be done to improve the culture in the tech space. Lire la suite sur la page Medium de Code like a girl

How to Beat the Robots

Maybe the automation of jobs will eventually create new, better jobs. Maybe it will put us all out of work. But as we argue about this, work is changing. Today’s jobs — white collar, blue collar or no collar — require more education and interpersonal skills than those in the past. And many of the people whose jobs have already been automated can’t find new ones. Technology leads to economic growth, but the benefits aren’t being parceled out equally. Lire la suite sur le New York Times

Fujitsu investit plus de 50 millions d'euros en France pour accélérer dans l'intelligence artificielle

Fujitsu, le spécialiste japonais des technologies de l'information et de la communication, entend multiplier les partenariats avec les grands groupes, les startup et les centres de recherche tricolores pour faciliter la transformation digitale de ses clients. Il inaugure, ce jeudi 9 mars 2017, un centre d'excellence au sein de l'incubateur de l'Ecole polytechnique et va monter un programme de recherche avec Inria. Lire la suite sur l'Usine digitale