11 mars 2022
11 mars 2022
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La messagerie Telegram au coeur de la guerre en Ukraine

Chaque vendredi, dans sa revue de presse, Maddyness vous propose une sélection d’articles sur un sujet qui a retenu l’attention de la rédaction. Cette semaine, comment la messagerie Telegram est devenu un outil d'opposition dans la guerre qui sévit en Ukraine.
Temps de lecture : 1 minute
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Telegram, canal de communication pour Zelensky


The messaging tool Telegram has become one of the apps at the heart of the war in Ukraine.

Just days after Russia invaded, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky sent a message to his Telegram followers from the capital Kyiv where he called on his countrymen to resist the Russian attack.

Meanwhile, many people in Russia are using the app to access the news and conversations about Ukraine that are not the state-sanctioned version of events. Lire l'article complet sur le site d'Euronews.

Partager des informations sur l'ennemi

Le rôle 

The Security Service of Ukraine said in a tweet that it was able to effectively target Russian convoys near Kyiv because of messages sent to an official Telegram bot account called "STOP Russian War".

"Your messages about the movement of the enemy through the official chatbot … bring new trophies every day" , the government agency tweeted. Lire l'article complet sur le site de Business Insider. 


Echanger en direct avec plus de 200 000 personnes

Le concept

Users can set up:

  • groups with up to 200,000 users
  • channels an unlimited number can follow

Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has used the app, which is home to many official Ukrainian government channels

Telegram was banned in Russia in 2018, after a previous refusal by Mr Durov to hand over user data.

And since the invasion of Ukraine, some Russian-language channels have seen increasing audiences.

Jordan Wildon, an analyst at Logically which analyses disinformation, said Russian-language channels that it monitors on Telegram have gained 2.7 million followers since the 24 February. Lire l'article complet sur le site de la BBC. 

L'annonce de la fermeture du réseau annulée

Le revirement 

Last weekend, he said he was considering shuttering the service in the "countries involved" for the duration of the conflict. “We do not want Telegram to be used as a tool that exacerbates conflicts and incites ethnic hatred,” Durov posted on Sunday.

Hours later, he changed his mind, following mass requests from users, who said it was their only source of information. "Double-check and do not take on faith the data that is published in Telegram channels during this difficult period" , Durov advised.

Jamie MacEwan, media analyst at research service Enders, said. "This is another example of Telegram being linked to resistance movements. It has very much been part of its reputation over the past couple of years as it has boomed. It is associated with being a safe haven. "  Lire l'article complet sur the Guardian.