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14 May 2020

Oxford-based Phynova raises £8.7M to tackle diabetes

Global leader in nutrition, health, and sustainable living, DSM Venturing - part of Royal DSM - have invested £8.7M in Oxford-based Phynova to progress its blood-glucose technology to commercial success. Additionally, Rob Beudeker, Investment Director at DSM Venturing, will be joining Phynova’s Board.

Phynova is actively working towards fulfilling significant orders for its Reducose® technology in Europe, China and North America, which addresses the global issue of excessive blood glucose levels, that can lead to severe conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

This technology reduces the impact of high-glycaemic sugars, as well as other carbohydrates, on the body. It reduces the absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates in meals by up to 40% and has undergone rigorous safety and human efficacy testing. Reducose is a patent-protected ingredient that can be easily added to foods and drinks at the manufacturing stage or taken as a food supplement. It is derived from white mulberry leaves (Morus Alba) and is part of Phynova’s stable of natural healthcare products developed from active compounds found in plants.

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are rapidly growing health issues with an estimated 1B adults affected globally. Converging societal trends, including public awareness of the impact of sugar on the body and wearable technology to measure blood glucose, are fueling a huge market opportunity.

“DSM is a high-calibre cornerstone investor and it being represented on Phynova’s Board is testament to Phynova’s developing position with its unique, proprietary plant-derived products.  The interest in science-based natural products for maintaining and improving health already has a significant worldwide market and is set to grow substantially.  We have had a formal collaboration agreement with DSM since 2018 and now they wish to invest as the company progresses Reducose® to commercial Success.” – Robert Miller, Chief Executive of Phynova

Phynova is advised by Dr Janita Good, co-head of Life Sciences at leading European law firm Fieldfisher, who guided Phynova through the complexities of this deal.

“Life Sciences is a key sector for Fieldfisher and I’m delighted to have been involved on this monumental deal.  Making Reducose available through foods as an ingredient and as a supplement could revolutionise the management of excessive blood glucose levels for those affected by it.  This project is a particularly complex strategic investment involving multiple shareholders, but after months of dedication by all those involved, I’m pleased to see DSM and Phynova in partnership.” – Dr Janita Good, co-head of Life Sciences, Fieldfisher