23 June 2020
Unsplash © Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'Aji

13 songs for the soundtrack of your startup life

Entrepreneurship is full of challenges: networking, finding your business model, raising money, and of course questioning your methods and yourself! There's nothing like music to boost your team and yourself even in the worst times. Maddyness has created a playlist to accompany you in the milestones of your entrepreneurial journey.

When you come up with an idea for your startup

When you’re about to launch your startup

When you sign your first client

When you pitch for the first time

When you start recruiting

When you find out your partner isn’t the one

When you’re about to meet an investor

When you just met your investor

When you close your first funding round

When you daydream about selling your startup for billions…

… and when you are struggling to raise £100K

When you’re told your business model needs a makeover

When you go networking to find fresh thoughts