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6 April 2021
How startups use their resources to find product-market fit
Unsplash © Morten Andreassen

How startups use their resources to find product-market fit

Maximise the minimum and the viable in your product. The tricky thing about launching a new product to market is that it’s barely even a milestone worth celebrating. What comes next is a series of chicken-and-egg problems and snap decisions on the way to product-market fit.

Chicken (infrastructure) and egg (feature set)

The case for spending resources on internal infrastructure

The case for spending resources on external features

These boosters could be new and better features, marketing campaigns and programs, or demos, trials, and experiments – all of which serve the purpose of bringing more customers to your company and keeping them as customers longer.

All your goals will blend at the point of customer value

First: Patch ALL critical needs and outsized risks

Internal prioritisation: Quieting the noise machine

External prioritisation: The wish list

Guessing is OK. Data is better.

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