How to make global remote work, work for you
It’s never been more important to be a great remote collaborator. Both from the technical aspect, knowing how to use the tools and dynamics of collaboration in the industry, and from the human aspect, enhancing the work of your colleagues. But how to get there? Ariel Camus, Founder and CEO of online coding school Microverse offers advice to startups looking at remote teams.
Opinion by " Ariel Camus
How to make global remote work, work for you
How to use video effectively in your business
The much-publicised firing via video link of 900 employees by a US company speaks volumes about how business have a long way to go to understand how to use remote video for key employee communications. What are the protocols? Or is the shift to remote mass working illustrating where in-person communications must be maintained?
Tools by " Dave Howell
How to use video effectively in your business
Agile collaboration in the age of remote work
Never before have remote teams existed at the unprecedented scale seen today. This new reality of an entirely dispersed workforce threatens one of the most important principles of an Agile approach: collaboration.
Opinion by " Bryan Stallings
Agile collaboration in the age of remote work
Remote workers looking to relocate in a post-COVID-19 era
The pandemic has led many companies to re-strategise their working practices, with remote working now the norm in a vast number of industries. In this article, we’ll look at reasons why people are choosing to relocate, as well as some of the details of what the process might involve.
Opinion by " Daniel Groves
Remote workers looking to relocate in a post-COVID-19 era
How embracing anywhere can help you future-proof your business today
The world has changed irrevocably in the past 18 months. To say we’ve all adjusted might be a stretch. There’s still a distinct sense of suspended animation - as if we’re all waiting for normality to return. But, there will be no return to normality, simply an adjustment of what normality means.
Tools by " Ben Graham
10 strategies to maintain the benefits of a team working remotely
How new businesses can support each other through skill-sharing
Getting up and running can be the hardest part of any new business. Even when you’ve got the startup costs out of the way, you may still find yourself without the in-house skills you need to reach your goals.
Opinion by " Daniel Groves
How new businesses can support each other through skill-sharing
What’s the future of remote working?
The concept of work from home has struggled to gain traction for years. However, in the wake of the pandemic, millions of individuals around the globe found out ways to work remotely. They came up with a workplace environment not tethered to an office.
Opinion by " Evelyn Johnson
Pandemic end-game, how will startups ‘reintegrate’ their workers into the office?
While the promise of a vaccine gives us hope that 2021 will see a return to the office, some elements of the pandemic world are here to stay.
Opinion by " Mark Richer
How to create the perfect home office space during lockdown
Lockdown has left many of us working from home. We don’t know when, or even if, we’ll be returning to the office. Some of us will never return.
Tools by " Dani Brown
Delivering the message is only half the battle
The need for clear and concise communication within businesses has never been more important. This year, the sheer quantity of information to pass on was extraordinary - employees needed to be kept abreast of the latest developments on remote working, the pandemic and Brexit uncertainty, as well as the everyday updates as businesses navigate changing landscapes.
Opinion by " Ross McCaw
6 KPI solutions for effective remote work management
With the abundance of affordable smart devices and internet bandwidth, remote work has never been as appealing as it is in 2020. Companies and startups across the globe had started to adopt remote work solutions even before the COVID-19 pandemic was underway.
News by " Dorian Martin
Unlocking the true creative potential of remote working - through lockdown and beyond
Depending on your perspective, 2020 has either been a year to forget or a year that will never be forgotten. Few aspects of our lives have remained untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. And whether we like it or not, the ramifications are going to be felt for a long time to come.
Tools by " Alice Navarro
Break free from noisy workdays with the Eisenhower Matrix
If the rhythm of your work day is a succession of video calls, deadlines, and last minute emergencies you are far from the flow state of “smart working” and are probably just keeping your head above water in what can be labeled “chaotic working”. As the world of work has gotten noisier we need to apply simple new ways of work to declutter our work days.
Decoding by " Charles Kergaravat
Have you ever had a conversation with a talking Christmas tree?
Hello Lamp Post is making it possible this festive season, by bringing towns and cities to life. Although Christmas is going to look and feel very different this year, that doesn’t mean we should forget our festive traditions - if anything, spreading a little bit of Christmas joy has never been more important to our communities… even if it is in a completely unique, contactless and digital way.
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