World authorities set to lead The Recovery Summit
Three Nobel Laureates, Olympians and Paralympians, economists and activists among 75 speakers who will offer thought-leadership on how to survive and thrive.
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9 in 10 UK employees are neglecting microbreaks when WFH
Working from home has shaken the traditional workplace habits and everyone had to adopt a new routine the way they could to stay productive and on top of things. But recent research conducted by team-building platform Wildgoose showed employees working from home most of the time overlook their breaks throughout the day.
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Changes in the use of tech during COVID-19
Recent survey findings from JIN Agency in partnership with OpinionWay shows that Brits are leading in terms of digital use in comparison to France, Germany and the US. However, there are growing fears about fake news and Millennials are increasingly concerned about their data privacy.
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Remote work: how to hire virtually and avoid toxic employees
When Attic Self Storage started in 2006 the founder vowed to ensure a healthy, nurturing culture. He built his business so that it could run with the staff on site or by working remotely, so customers can access their units without any help. In light of recent events, Frederic de Ryckman de Betz sheds light on how businesses can adapt to working remotely and how to interview for staff virtually to avoid toxic employees. 
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What is Eventbrite co-founder and investing guru Kevin Hartz’s secret to success?
Everything that Kevin Hartz has touched seems to turn to gold, from his own startups Eventbrite and Xoom, to his dozens of successful investments. In a myfirstminute webinar, we found out the formula to his Silicon Valley success.
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It's not all glitter and unicorns for female founders
In another "myfirstminute" webinar Jenny Fleiss co-founder of Rent the Runway shared the stories behind her $1B company, her plans for the future and her key advice for entrepreneurs.
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Lockdown Haircut, the UK's first virtual barber
Whilst the lockdown has stopped many things, one thing it hasn’t is our unruly mops of hair. Barbers do around 350M cuts a year in the UK, so that’s a lot of hair not being cut right now. Keen to avoid the dreaded bowl cut from mum, this startup provides an online alternative.
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Management in a crisis, advice for best practice
Coronavirus has taken all business by surprise, forcing them to rethink their management methods and their working practices. In the face of brutal and catastrophic change, what are the tips and techniques to keep your team united and motivated?
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Is it possible to build a great company culture remotely?
Company culture plays a prominent role as it affects how your employees and customers perceive your organization’s branding. It can also determine how profitable and successful your business will be.
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The company boosting site traffic with original virtual experiences
Based in London, The Little Surprises Company has managed to increase its site visitors after pivoting its services to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and meet lockdown guidelines.
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Cyberattacks increase as WFH continues
According to research conducted by the World Economic Forum, cybercriminals are using the time during COVID-19 lockdown to launch cyberattacks.
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Cultivating your company culture from home
As working from home now becomes “business as usual” for the foreseeable future, what can you do to keep your company culture thriving across a distributed workforce? We spoke to Samuel McGuirk of Ontruck who shares his advice for keeping a global team connected and productive.
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Home, but not alone. Stay connected, informed and inspired
Right now, everyone is online, working from home, and although events have all been cancelled, companies are running inspiring online sessions and webinars to keep your business steady through this self-isolation. So, which webinars should you attend? Here is a selection Maddyness has found for you.
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Are you ‘remote-first’ curious? Here’s how it works…
Tessa Clarke, Founder and CEO of pioneering food sharing app OLIO, a company that you may remember advertising in the tube encouraging people to rethink their relationship food wastage, shares her insights on the principles of remote-first and how these principles have shaped her company.
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