Are you ready to re-open your office? Here’s what London’s top startups are saying
At the moment, teams across the UK wonder if it's really necessary to go back to the office, if not too risky amid the uncertainty of a potential second wave. So they mostly feel comfortable working from home. From a company's point of view, many employers are thinking about how and when they will bring employees back to the office.
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Coming out of COVID as your own boss
As lockdown eases and workers are being encouraged to return to their desk job, new research shows that almost 2 in 5 Brits (37%) are considering starting their own business as a result of the pandemic. Here are a few more insights.
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A bootcamp for tech novices to become digital leaders in as little as five weeks
Flexible business school Jolt offers courses run by the likes of Google, Netflix and Tesla execs and has now launched its most disruptive, most exciting UK course to date. Switch is a unique, live, immersive bootcamp that retrains people to enter the highly in-demand world of tech in just a month.
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What drove Formula One champion Nico Rosberg to sustainable investing?
During a "myfirstminute" webinar Ex-Formula One driver Nico Rosberg shared how he is carving out a second career for himself as a sustainable entrepreneur and investor, with projects in everything from air taxiing to electrical vehicle racing.
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How to maintain health and safety while working from home
What obligations and responsibilities do employers have towards their employees while they're working from home and what does the law say they should be doing to guarantee their wellbeing? Maddyness met Alexandre Long, co-founder and Managing Director of Agilea, experts in ergonomy to find answers.
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Virtual summer parties: The six mistakes you don’t want to make
The office summer party is a staple in the annual business calendar, allowing colleagues to bond and employers a chance to recognize and acknowledge their teams’ achievements. However, summer parties are going to look a little different this year.
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COVID-19: Laughing off the pandemic with The Covid Arms
The date was 28th March 2020, and the papers tested positive for across-the-board Coronavirus headlines. Boris Johnson was confirmed as having COVID-19. Experts were cited on the front page of the Guardian as saying that the PM ‘failed to heed his own advice on social distancing.’
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What are the opportunities for startups post-COVID?
In a recent webinar hosted by Microsoft for Startups and Aster Capital, Jerome Joaug and Amali de Alwis discussed opportunities, challenges and what the future economic landscape will look like for startups, innovators and investors.
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Crikle disrupts digital sales and rivals Zoom
Based in London, Crikle launches its new sales consultation and conversion platform to rival Zoom, Join.me, and Teams, with a slicker UI delivered by a secure browser-based application.
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The future of events online and in real life, a Maddyness masterclass
With large and small events around the world being cancelled due to the public health crisis there are lots of questions across many industries, none more so than the industries involved with organising and running events. How badly will the events and hospitality sector be affected? Can all events be recreated virtually? These questions were addressed in a Maddyness Masterclass.
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Can companies change working culture to accommodate remote working?
Whilst every day we are venturing into the unknown with COVID-19, this isn’t humanity’s first global pandemic. One area that is different to how we deal with this pandemic is the use of technology, enabling the ability to work from home. George Evripidou asks will remote working be the new normal?
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Does your business have the right digital antibodies?
With COVID-19 illustrating how a virus can devastate a country, the parallels with networks and computer systems are clear. Can we apply what we’ve learnt combating COVID-19 to our digital systems?
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Will working from home now be the new normal?
Under the pandemic, home-based working has developed from a growing trend to a necessity. As lockdown measures begin to lift, which of these measures will stick around? Robin Brown, Managing Director and technology sector coverage leader at Stephens Investment Bank, weighs in.
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Experts warn managers to prepare for employee resistance post-lockdown
New research from Soldo warns of disruption if managers try to force their teams back to the way things were before lockdown, and suggests ways to ensure a positive and healthy transition.
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