Disrupting the world of networking conferences
With 2020 not being like any other year (hello global pandemic), a lot of things in our personal and professional lives have shifted. And that means that conferences have to shift as well. Offline events have been a no-go during the last couple of months and it looks like they will be for a while.
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How to network in a pandemic: Interview with Umesh Kumar, cofounder of Twist
Sounds impossible, right? But according to Umesh Kumar, now is actually the best time to be networking. Twist, which began in a South Kensington dining room and has now pivoted to kitchen tables around the world, wants to help you connect with new people authentically.
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Conferencing via the cloud: Interview with Mark Richer, CEO StarLeaf
StarLeaf is a global collaboration and video meetings solution. The company is headquartered in Watford, and we employ over 200 people around the world. While we compete with Teams and Zoom, we do things quite differently - above all, we focus on providing enterprise customers with the best possible video-enabled collaboration.
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Want to start a business during COVID-19? Here's a pandemic-proof plan
Starting a business is perhaps on everyone's bucket list. The pure limitless opportunity, control, and sense of freedom that the idea embodies make the prospect so attractive. Of course, the promise of financial abundance, too, sweetens the deal. But with the world still reeling from the effects of COVID-19, is starting a business still as attractive an option as it used to be?
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The toxicity of forced company culture and the need to move to an authentic culture
With many companies offering similar work, similar progression opportunities and a similar level of job satisfaction, the challenge has always been how to entice the most talented staff - especially those who are just entering the workforce, fresh with ambition and an understanding of newer, emerging technologies.
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Find friends online: Interview with Ronak Shah from Serendip
Loneliness is a hidden pandemic amongst millennials; one in five in the UK say they have zero friends. But companionship is an essential part of being alive, and new app Serendip is hoping to topple the barriers standing in the way of meaningful connection.
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As unemployment climbs, remote learning grows
It’s never been easier to become a software coder. Claudia Harris, CEO of Makers Software Bootcamp, recently explained to me that the pandemic offers a chance to consider a career in software engineering.
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Virtual Christmas Parties: 6 tips for office festivities this year
With lockdown 2.0 commencing this Thursday, it seems highly unlikely the office Christmas party (as we know it) will be happening this year.
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Getting back to the office is important, but we’re still going to need video meetings
Quizzes. Virtual birthday parties. Webinars. Video conferencing played a vital role in getting many of us through lockdown, not only connecting us with our family and friends, but also our colleagues, helping our businesses to keep running while we worked at home.
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What drives entrepreneurs to launch their own business?
Coutts, the wealth manager and private bank, has released the latest round of findings of the inaugural Coutts UK Entrepreneur Index (CUEI) which outlines the level of entrepreneurialism in the UK as well as the desires and barriers that they have faced when starting their business.
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6 startups changing the game in technology for remote working
For office workers, 2020 has been the year of adjusting to remote working. Flexibility and remote working is not a new concept, but COVID-19 has fast-tracked these workplace trends, and they’re steadily becoming the new norm. Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify said: “Office centricity is over” in a tweet where he announced that most staff will move to working remotely permanently.
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How lockdown changed remote working tech
These remote working tools have incorporated lessons learned in lockdown and become better products as a result. Now that we’re back to working from home for the foreseeable, it’s a good time to get downloading.
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Caper secures seed funding from LEGO Ventures and Founders Factory
Caper, an interactive adventure games app for families with kids aged 4-9 has seen huge traction during the lockdown period as families have spent increasing time together and sought new activities to keep little ones busy. The UK-based startup has announced a £300K seed investment round led by LEGO Ventures with participation from Founders Factory. 
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Riff, the voice-first chat tool that reinvents teamwork raises £1.1M seed funding
Riff, the voice-first chat toolset revolutionising how teams communicate when working remotely has raised £1.1M in seed funding round led by Balderton Capital, with participation from Seedcamp, and some superstar angels including Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas, COO of GoCardless, Nicolas Brusson, CEO of BlaBlaCar and Tim Sadler, CEO of Tessian.
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